Full LED Tubes Applications

Focused on high quality full series led tubes for both commercial and industrial applications, Lango Lighting is also capable of providing turnkey solution from the start of project to the end, including site analysis, illumination design, and energy saving calculation, meanwhile, Lango's strong R&D team could also provide OEM and ODM service, the customers are mainly lighting distributors and contractors.

Car Park1

Lango Tubes in Garages

1.2m 18W Lango LED Tubes with movement sensor replaced 1.2m 36W old fluorescent tubes in Singapore garages, when there is activity detected, the tubes will be automatically on, and will be off when no activity is detected, the customers could see the incredibly decrease in the electric bills.

Standard LED Tubes in Metro

1.5m 25W standard led tubes (for commercial and industrial applications) were applied in metro station, Spain. The flicker free tubes provides not only even lighting distribution, but comfortable and healthy lighting, harmless to passengers eyes.

Lango LED Tubes applied in metro
Spain Airport

Lango Tubes in Airport

1.2m 18W Lango LED Tubes and 1.5m 25W LED tubes, which are all standard series (110lm/w) were applied in airport, Spain. What attracted our final customers is that the tubes are warranted 5 years with reliable lighting output and affordable price.

High Lumen LED Tubes in Workshops

1.2m, 18W high lumen LED tubes were applied in workshops, Malaysia, 160lm/w high brightness led tubes provide sufficient lighting to the precision workshops which require high on the brightness, while the electric saving is much bigger than imagined.

3. lango led tubes in workshop
5,Lango LED Tubes in supermarket

Lango T5 Tubes in Supermarket

Newly built supermarket applied 1.2m 18W Lango LED Tubes and 1.5m 25W LED tubes, which are all standard series (110lm/w) in Australia.  Even lighting output, flicker free, site analysis, and free design of lighting made us stand out of competition.

Water Resistant LED Tubes in Supermarket

Lango water resistant IP65 led tubes were applied in supermarket's refrigerators in Australia.

refrigeration tubes