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Plug and Play Ballasts Compatible T5 LED Tubes

"Swap in, Swap out", compatible with existing ballasts, no need to rewire, save your business thousands cost in rewiring.

Commercial and Industrial T5 LED Tubes

These are marketing leader LED T5 tubes designed for industrial and commercial applications. The tubes are suitable for applications in offices, retails, and car parking places, warehouses, industrial workshops.

High Lumen T5 LED Tubes

Our High Lumen T5 LED tubes could produce 150-180 lumen per watt, the quality could be warranted for 5 years, they are perfectly applied for areas which require very high flux and low power consumption.

Economy Type T5 LED Tubes

The economy model T5 LED Tubes are suitable for general applications where the LED Tubes are not likely to be on for long period of time, they are built with full PC cover, internal non-isolated driver.

Dimmable T5 Led Tubes

The dimmable T5 LED tubes work with all forms of dimming control system, the internal driver dimmable tubes work with phase control dimming systems, and the dimmable LED tubes with external drivers work with 0-10V, Dali, DMX,etc.

Motion Sensor T5 LED Tubes

As the name tells, the motion sensor T5 led tubes could conserve your energy by reducing luminosity or turn off when the sensor detects there is no activity under, you may set the brightness and period that the tubes remains bright.

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