Which Tests are Done to the Driver Before a Tube is Delivered to Customer

Before delivering to customers, the Lango LED drivers which are key components have to pass the following tests before delivering to our customers.

1, Input tests:

  1. Input power testing, which is to test the change of actual power compared with rated power.
  2. Power factor and harmonic testing
  3. Maximum input current testing
  4. Efficiency testing
  5. Inrush current testing

2, Output tests:

  1. Current output testing
  2. Constant current output testing
  3. Voltage output testing
  4. Current ripple output testing
  5. Output overshoot testing


3, Performance protection testing

  1. Over voltage protection testing
  2. Short circuit protection testing
  3. Over temperature protection testing

4, Safety and reliability testing

  1. Hi-pot testing
  2. Insulation resistance testing
  3. Current leakage testing
  4. Heating test
  5. Switch impact testing
  6. Shock and vibration testing
  7. Environment testing

5, EMC testing

  1. Conduction testing
  2. Radiation testing
  3. Electromagnetic susceptibility testing
  4. EMC Interference testing

More detailed testing content will be analyzed in different articles.